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Fri 2/28 - 10 signal(s)
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Fri 2/28 - 13 signal(s)
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Fri 2/28 - 12 signal(s)

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The Number of The Beast

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2017 Christmas Special

$HUI from Forum Feb 28, 6:08am GMT

333naz (Subscriber)    Feb 27, 2020 - 9:22pm GMT

8 hours ago

Just a quick note to once again say "thank you" for curing me of the deadly "gold bug" disease.

Today every buy and hold investor in the HUI got slaughtered.

The HUI had a high today of 248.21 and a low of 227.71. And in the midst of all the chaos the Danielcode ruled the day!

The high was 0.50 points from the DC number of 248.71 and the low was 0.34 points from the DC number of 227.37.


These DC numbers were generated from the high in late August of 237.34 and the low in mid October at 199.03.

The Dam Breaks (for now at least) Feb 25, 12:49am GMT

In our 6S program the dam has finally burst on Equities and we are short the S&P EMini with ~ $5630 and the same in Russell with ~ $2800. With today's giant bars the 1 bar stops are way too big for these markets for most of you so it is valid to exit both of those trades or if you want to stay in and are happy to handle the volatility use a fixed dollar stop equal to the ATR (Average True Range) which is ~ $2000 in S&P and ~ $1300 for the Russell. Gold is ~+ $8850 and is valid to exit also. T-Bonds is ~+ $4200. YUM!

We are short on the T.03 signals for Russell from Thursday's sell signal now worth ~ $2825, S&P EMini from Thursday's Blue line and T.03 signals now at ~ $7150 to today's close and ~ $17200 in Germany's DAX also from Thursday's T.03 signal. For all of these the risk is great so tighten your stops to protect profits or if these ranges are making you uncomfortable take profits. What a buzz!! 

Update: Futures charts that need updating will be posted shortly.

6S on Gold Feb 24, 12:55am GMT

 Like trading Gold? We do. 6S signals for Monday 02/24 in Comex Gold: Long with 1 bar stop and ~+ $7200. Valid to exit. Sell CT.

Wednesday 02/19 Feb 20, 10:03am GMT

 Forex markets have dominated the week so far with 7 Forex signals from out T.03 PLUS for execution on Wednesday or Thursday. 6 of those trades were elected on Wednesday with the following results all ~ and close to close: AUD-JPY + $811, CAD-JPY + $1260, EUR-AUD sell is still open but presently under water, EUR-GBP + $766, EUR-JPY + $1610, NZD-JPY + $855, so some part of $5300 for our Forex traders with more to come as some of these reversals ar signaling new trends. For our T.03 PLUS signals for Futures on Wednesday 3 trades were elected with Crude Oil + $1500, Russell + $200 and Sugar + $235.

On the 6S signals Crude Oil finished the day at + $1140, DX at + $1700, Gold at + $4100 and Coffee at + $2900. Wheat was + $750. Nice trading! 

6S Today Feb 19, 12:33am GMT

 Best trade today was the continuation of our long position iin Gold for ~+ $3100. Still long in DX  since 02/04 with ~+ $1500, Coffee setting up a sell signal but now worth ~+ $2900, Nat Gas at ~+ $1200 and the big up bar in Wheat in response to the 6S buy signal gave us ~+ $802 in one day. Hope you enjoyed that.

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