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Buy The Rumor Nov 16, 10:42pm GMT

 Markets started to set the mood for a bright Thanksgiving today with huge gains in all of the US Equity indices powered by the House passing its new tax bill. What is more interesting to traders is that all of these markets signaled this intent on Wednesday's close which most didn't see. All of this was clear to us and led to us posting at 7:30PM USET on Wednesday the following signals for Members: Buy Dow +163, Buy S&P +20, Buy Germany's DAX +126.5, Buy NASDAQ +78.75 and at a new high, Buy Russell +22.2. It is unusual for us to have trade signals in all of the Equity markets we cover and even better when the Dow set up its Buy signal on Tuesday evening (posted 7:33 PM 11/14) so all of you happy traders had plenty of time to get set for this pre-holiday bonanza! Some nice Forex trades including Buy CAD-CHF,  and Tuesday evening's signals valid for execution on Wednesday or Thursday to Buy CAD-JPY and GBP-CHF and Sell EUR-GBP all added to this week's haul as did the Aussie SPI 200 which responded to Thursday's posted Buy signal with a vigorous 42 point gain. Feel free to join the party at any time.

2017 Labor Day Holiday Sep 02, 2:00am GMT

 US markets are closed on Monday to mark the Labor Day Holiday and so there will be no DC Trade Signals posted for that day. As usual we require a full day of trading following a market holiday to reset the charts so next Trade Signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for action in Wednesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

On Target Jul 28, 7:21am GMT

 At our 06/22 webinar (at 59:25) I told you that the next target for the S&P Index $SPX was 2482. We reached that number (2481.24) in the previous 6 day period and this week we have reached 2484, so we are well and truly on target. You may recall our previous call for a target at 2400 which was reached on the 6 day period ending on 03/08 and which held this market until 05/24. Big reaction on Thursday in the S&P Futures which made a nice key reversal bar against the DC daily Futures Blue line at 2480 with today's high in the emini Futures being 2480.50 for just a two tick variance against target. Fridays are historically positive but either Friday or Monday may be fun!! Thursday's PLUS Sell signal for Russell was nice as were a host of Forex trades.

More Juice Jul 06, 11:53pm GMT

 T Bonds have been in the giving phase starting from 06/27 after the 06/26 close at 156^29 ticked the Blue line target at 156^30. Close enough? And we had our proprietary studies meeting the requirements for a DC Blue line Sell and a T.03 Sell both of which were posted at 7:30PM on 06/26. We also had a full cycle Sell from our TIME trading studies to add to the foregiong. The important part came when these Sell signals were elected on 06/27 and the completed bar gave us a double trend change probability. 8 days later and the trade is worth $4000 to today's close. Note today's low at 151^28 against the DC Blue line at 151^30 and today's close at 152^09 with just a 2 tick variance against the Blue line at 152^10. The certainty of markets running to the DC numbers is one of the key features of DC trading:

Forum Fun Jul 05, 12:28am GMT

 I have been talking recently about the unique opportunities that contract rollover provides with emphasis on the probability of new trends emerging from these occurences. This from Forum on Beans:

JCN ()
Watch the Soybeans rollover carefully. New contract should become the front month on Tuesday but the July contract has set up a perfect Blue line Buy signal which I can't post due to the imminent rollover. Friday's low was 900^2 against the Blue line at 900^2 and the other requirements are in place. If trading this market you need to execute in the November contract which is due to become the front month in the next few days.

 Here's what happened:

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