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Becoming Great Jan 16, 11:17pm GMT

 Our old friends and preferred broker Striker Securities are joining us for Thursday's blockbuster webinar "Becoming Great" which will feature a special introduction from Striker President William Gallwas. This will take you all the way from the historic Dot.Com top in 2000 right up to today in the S&P500 and show you how DC Time signals have created every one of the historic turns and from there we show you how Time signals create buy and sell signals for this massive market all the way down to daily bars or less. Make sure you register at the link at left and I look forward to your company on Thursday.

DC Signals Jan 16, 11:11pm GMT

 Traditionally we have not posted signals for the day immediately after a market holiday and have required a full day of trading to reset the charts. For the past 15 months or so I have been creating signals for the day after a market holiday, but a lengthy review ove the weekend shows that you are better served by our prior stance. Accordingly, and despite my previous post we will revert to our original strategy. That means that next DC signals will now be posted on Tuesday evening for trading on Wednesday.

Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 14, 12:43am GMT

 Major Futures markets will be closed on Monday 16 January 2023 in observance of the Martin Luther King Day Holiday. Forex markets will trade as normal. Next DC trade signals will be posted on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading.

The 4th Seal Path for 2023 Jan 11, 12:24am GMT

 I am delighted that our resident master of Time and Price Mr Frank De Baere who writes the 4th Seal analysis and commentary for you has now completed his outlook for 2023 where he sets out the options and probabilities for the S&P in the coming year with his usual precision and detail. If you are either an investor or an active trader you need to know these probabilities so you can chart the year ahead. With these insights you will find clarity and surety in abundance.

Don’t be confused by many voices; just follow the 4th Seal analysis and watch the market unfold. His article titled "The Power of Time" is at the banner at left.

The 2022 Correction in Equities Jan 09, 8:21am GMT

 Yes I know that 2022 was a down year but to me it always felt like a benign pullback which so far it has completed with a 50% correction of a minor range and the 2022 low arrived at the 44 Time cycle. So the low came at a known DC Price level and at a known DC Time cycle and we say that when Time and Price are squared (meaning both at known DC cycles/levels) a turn is almost inevitable. But 50% is an unusual Price level to end a major correction and we have not seen any violence in the 2022 correction. And we should have if it's following the 2007-2009 bear market.

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