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Updated Jun. 22
Updated Jun. 22
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Equities Turn Jun 21, 4:35am GMT

 S&P and NASDAQ finally looked back through the mists of time and discovered that there really still is a sell side as both responded quietly to their respective Danielcode Sell signals. NASDAQ was on a T.03+ Sell signal whilst S&P was on a Blue line Sell signal. All of our DC signals have different time validities. The T.03PLUS signals are valid for the day of posting although I suggest that you write them down as they often come a day early, T.03 signals are valid for two days including the day of posting and our famous Blue line signals are valid for three days including the day of posting.

Gold and Silver gave a nice kick in response to their T.03+ and FlipMe Buy signals

And Wheat continued its demonstration of how to get every single turn on its DC trade signals whilst tracking its DC Price marks with great precision

Long USD-JPY, long Crude Oil, short S&P and NASDAQ, long Silver and Gold,  continuing short Beans and Wheat all made good money as did our two day long in Copper. Money everywhere you look!

Free Week Extended Jun 19, 8:14am GMT

 Markets are closed for the Juneteenth holiday on Wednesday and as we require a full day of trading after a market holiday to reset the charts, our free week is being somewhat curtailed. To ensure that you have the oportunity to asess all that Danielcode offers we are accordingly extending the current free week until the close on Wednesday 26th June 2024. Enjoy!

Monday 17 June 2024 Jun 18, 1:06am GMT

 Nasdaq and S&P both roared higher with NASDAQ closing the day at ~ $15700 on our long trade and S&P closing at + $4800 See the Tradecraft tab for details. Crude Oil elected its FlipMe Buy signal for $1350, Nat Gas continued its T.03 Sell signal from Tuesday last week to be at ~+ $1050, Soybeans elected its T.03+ Sell signal for ~ $1010 into the close which was right at the low and our T.03+ Sell signal for Wheat was also elected to contribute close to $1000. Add that up and pretty soon you are talking real money.

S&P and NASDAQ remain under a Sell signal and note how beautifully S&P is tracking its DC numbers as most are. Beans and Wheat are good examples. Go to the DC Navigator Tab to see all Members Charts which are updated on the weekend and Wednesday evening and more often as required.


Juneteenth Jun 17, 10:41pm GMT

 Wednesday 19th June 2024 is a US national holiday and US markets will be closed. 

Equities Rollover Jun 12, 12:18am GMT

 Equities are still struggling with upward momentum stalled on S&P and NQ both of which are facing Blue line Sell signals whilst Russell is now facing a T.03 and Blue line Buy signal. Remember that all DC signals are provisional until the trade is elected but I cannot recall seeeing S&P and NASDAQ both facing T.03 and Blue line Sell signals whilst small cap Russell is facing its major Buy signal. Watch this continued divergence and compund the mix with Friday's rollover.

Nice trending long trade in Nat Gas while Crude Oil has given us a nice two way trade for ~ $9000. NG closed today on its long trade for ~ 2800. On the FX front CAD is being the star.

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