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US Dollar Index Swoons Aug 10, 11:48pm GMT

 Little sell off in the US Dollar injected some life into recently dormant Forex pairs and had a blast into Futures markets. On our 6S signals Gold closed the day at ~ $2400 on its current long trade whilst new volatility in Energy and Softs saw long Coffee close at ~ $2700, Nat Gas at ~ $3100. S&P and Russell both closed long and positive. Don't miss Thursday's DC Webinar. It is a cracker. Register at link at left.

Natural Gas Jul 25, 11:41pm GMT

 Our 6S long trade in Nat Gas closed today at ~+ $18800 with ES at $8000, T-Bonds at ~ $2000 and Sugar and Wheat both settling for the day near $1450. The Nat Gas story is compelling.

W/E 07/22 Jul 25, 7:45am GMT

 Nat Gas continued to lead commodities with the current long 6S trade closing Friday at ~ $15000. Equities made a contribution with ES closing at ~ $8000 wth Sugar short for ~ $1000 and T-Bonds long for $2900. Bear in mind that all commentary here is approx and is for one contract so Sugar at ~ $1000 is nice based on its margin of  $1400 whilst ES is at 69% of margin. Stalwart Wheat was at $2200 on its current short trade.

Commodities Jul 20, 11:36pm GMT

 Commodities still outperform wuth our long trade in Nat Gas jumping to ~ $12000 and Crude Oil holding at ~+ $5300. Equities are trying to find their mojo as our long trade in S&P Emini sits at ~+ $7300 with long Russell at $4700. Loving it.

The Miracle of Markets Jul 14, 7:27am GMT

 Thursday's webinar (see at left) is the most important presentation I have made. It is about Daniel and it is about you. I hope you will watch it and share it with your family, friends and associates. I consider this material vital and it represents 30 years of my life. A few of you know parts of it already but perhaps a handful of folks have thought about it sufficiently. I trust you will be amazed.

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