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Algorithms Dec 08, 7:22am GMT

 Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are trialling a new product that you will find useful and profitable. It is the new Danielcode Algorithm which we created in 2018 and which we are now sharing with you. Just click on the new Gold button to see them all. It is free to everyone in the hope that it will give you additional market insights and hence make your trading safer and more profitable.

During this trial phase all of our Algos are absolutely free so help yourself. At present these Algo charts will be posted on weekends and on Wednesday evenings just the same as Members charts are created.

One of the things that we need to work out during the trial is which markets do you want covered and is there sufficient interest in Crypto to justify maintaining those charts. On the subject of Crypto we currently have posted a 2 day chart for both Bitcoin and Ether Futures at the CME. Are these the best charts, do you prefer daily charts, would you prefer the index as opposed to the Futures charts? Please let me know your preferences.

Will this Algo coverage help you Forex guys? If so what markets would you like covered?

We created this Algo to solve the dreaded one bar countertrend that bedevils markets and it does that quite brilliantly but as you can see it does a whole lot more.

I am preparing a webinar on how to use these Algos and will get that posted before the weekend. We have not agreed an alert system for changes and entry setups yet but will have that soon.

Let me know your thoughts please.

Best personal regards,


Nothing Random in Markets Dec 05, 6:10am GMT

I have for years hammered the message that with Danielcode, markets are orderly, rational and sometimes prefictable. so if you thouht there was anything random about Gold's giant gap and run day you were mistaken. Everything that markets do is a function of its Danielcode Price levels which themselves are simply the Danielcode Time cycles created by each individual market and which we then place as Price lines on our various charts. At last weeks DC webinar (video at left) I showed you the new 6 day charts in Oil, S&P, Gold and US T-Bonds and invited you to subscribe to the DC Website Super package if you wanted to receive these charts twice weekly and more often if required. Look at the highest Blue line number on this 6 day chart where every bar is composed of 6 trading days. It was 2152.7 and this chart was created and sent to subscribing Members on 30 November 2023.

And this is what happened today with Gold fighting to reach this forecast Danielcode level. In fact Gold topped out on its Futures chart today at 2152.3 so just 4 tics variance from our target at its high. This is target recognition with a vengence!! On the daily chart exactly the same thing happened. Markets adherence to the Danielcode numbers happens all the time as today's 6 day chart below shows. 

Can you afford to be without these amazing charts that give you a broader and totally different view of markets? Email me today to receive the next publication of our 6 day charts on Wednesday evening and join the list of great traders who know something that the world at large does not. And whenever you know something that others don't it increases your winning edge.

US T-Bonds made its 6 day high today at 118^17 against the Danielcode Blue line target at 118^18 for near zero variance from target. The current 6 day cycle in the long bond ends tomorrow.

Like Algos? Dec 03, 2:58am GMT

Here are the Danielcode Algos for the past week. Enjoy!


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It's This Simple Dec 01, 5:46am GMT

 Would you like to make a whole lot of money starting next week? Watch this.

Super Six Charts & DC Algos Dec 01, 5:24am GMT

 Our new 6 day charts where every bar is comprised of 6 trading days giving a broader and more nuanced view of Crude Oil, S&P, Gold and US T-Bonds is available now to DC Website Super subscribers. Email me to have your Super Six charts emailed evey weekend and on Wednesday evening.  These charts will be available on this website next week.

Algorithms: Terry is working to have the selected Forex and most Futures Algos available on the website next week. They will be available to DC Website Super subscribers exclusively. 

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