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2017 Christmas Special

Free Week Sep 22, 3:58am GMT

 We are opening up the DC website for a week starting on the evening of Sunday 09/22 so you can see all that we have to offer. You will need to login to the website for which you will need a username and password to register. Registration is free.

Our T.03 and PLUS signals are mainly turn signals with some continuations. Look at the Trade Program link to see the entry points. Our 6S signals are designed to keep you in the market almost all the time and always with the apparent trend. And take some time to catch up on our 4th Seal charts and commentary which forecasts important turning points.

Your Invitation to Paradise and a Free W... Sep 20, 2:24am GMT

 I am having our first live Tutorial for 3 years and you are invited. It's at Australia's playground the fabulous Gold Coast, Queensland. See the Webinar link on the front page for details. More information will be sent on the weekend. 

Enjoy our Danielcode Online FREE WEEK starting on Sunday 09/22 when everything at the DC website is yours.
6S Today Sep 12, 12:10am GMT

 Our 6S program continues to rock along with the standouts for today (all approx. and all per one contract) being: Crude Oil + $1450, DX + $190, Gold + $3400, Coffee + $1600, Nat Gas stopped for + $3600, Russell long for $4450 and valid to exit, T Bonds short for $3650 and Wheat long for + $550.

 Take your free trial and see if 6S trading suits your style.

6S Sep 10, 12:10am GMT

 Nat Gas is still long and ~+ $3750, DX is still short for ~+ $615, S&P EMini is long for + $2730, Gold is short and ~+ $2600, Heating Oil and Coffee are both long, Soybeans is short for ~+ $325 and Wheat is long for ~+ $475. If you like to be always with the trend, take a free trial (link above) and watch the 6S signals for a while. It is turning some nice numbers.

Some Days Are Bluebirds Sep 05, 12:11am GMT

 Our Forex and Futures signals have many great days but some not so great when markets go quiet. And some days are bluebirds.

Wednesday 09/04 was such a day with seven Forex signals. Five were elected that is they traded to our suggested entry point and all made money. Some a lot of money with (all approximates and all per one contract) CAD-JPY buy making $631 into the close. EUR-JPY buy made $784, EUR-USD buy made $565, GBP-CHF buy made $506, GBP-JPY made $1951 and USD-Cad sell made $730. Futures signals joined the party with seven T.03 and PLUS signals of which six were elected and all were profitable. Crude Oil buy made $1230, DX sell returned $470, S&P made $562 or $1112 if you were trading the 6S signals, Copper made $1350, Coffee was tiny for $19 with no trend change and Soybeans made $312.

Don't miss tomorrow's webinar where I will show you the charts. On the 6S signals Heating Oil returned $2400 to the close with the big run in Natural Gas continuing for $2100 so far.


Home/News     |     What is DC?     |     Services     |     Articles     |     Videos     |     Trading Reports