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T.03 Signals
Wed 6/29 - 5 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Wed 6/29 - 7 signal(s)
6S Signals
Wed 6/29 - 12 signal(s)

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Tuesday's Markets Jun 29, 3:08am GMT

 All of the Equity markets turned down on Tuesday in response to their T.03+ Sell signals with varying degrees of commitment ranging from NASDAQ which was best at ~ $6200 into the close followed by S&P at ~ $3200 then Dow at $1600 followed by Russell with a muted response for ~ $600. Pay attention to these trades as they will form the basis of something interesting and profitable that I will be talking about at Thursday’s webinar for which you can register at left. Our current long in Oil is progressing at ~ $3000 as is our $4600 short in Coffee and a really nice $6300 short in Wheat. Good stuff.

Juneteenth Jun 19, 4:54am GMT

 Monday is a national holiday in US for Juneteenth celebrations. Most US markets are closed so the next DC trade signals will be on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

Vol Me Jun 14, 12:13am GMT

 Volatility is a dose of sunshine and we got that in spades for early trading this week. Massive trades in Equities to have S&P closing at almost $16000 on its current short trade, Russell at $8100 where we have been short since Thursday last week on T.03PLUS Sell signal and 6S Sell. US Dollar Index still long from Thursday for ~ $2300 and T-Bonds closing at ~ $3500 to add to last week's short of $2500. Forex is giving massive returns almost everywhere. Ain't this fun!! Updated charts being posted soon.

Memorial Day May 19, 11:38pm GMT

 US Futures markets will be closed on Monday 05/30 for the Memorial Day Holiday. Forex will trade as normal. The next DC trade signals will be posted on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading.

Correlated Delight May 19, 1:30am GMT

 I often talk to you about correlated markets and show examples at our bi-monthly webinars and Wednesday gave us great trades but even better correlated trades. As I have told you the correlated markets trades are often better than the direct trade in the market which creates the DC trade signal and such was the case today with the short trades in Equities with Nasdaq down ~ $6600, S&P down $4300, Dow down $3760 and Russell down just $420 all correlated to Wednesday's T.03 Sell signal in the DAX. In the same vein, GBP-CHF made ~ $1300 on its T.03 Sell signal with the correlations following Suit. The T.03 Buy in USD-CAD was elected for ~ $240 but also set up the correlations in AUD and NZD and the big trades in CAD-CHF and CAD-JPY. If you don't understand how to trade the correlations make sure you catch Thursday's DC webinar TrendMe. You can register at left.

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