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Danielcode Algos
Updated Feb. 25
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Danielcode Trading System Feb 26, 1:33am GMT

 One of our current students doing his Danielcode Trading Tutorial to learn how to create and trade Danielcode TIME signals has done some extensive analysis of our program and you can watch his presentation here:

Gann's Broker Feb 24, 4:06am GMT

If the US Futures broker for the largest WD Gann teaching and promotional business comes to Danielcode to find the missing links for Gann Theory, shouldn't you?

Danielcode Algos Feb 23, 2:28pm GMT

For the past couple of months we have given you all access to the Danielcode Algos.  As of today, the Algos are part of the DC Website Pro subscription.  Those that are already subscribe to the Pro or Super User will see no difference and it's just an added service.  Those that are on the Free, Charts, or Basic subscription, you'll need to cancel and subscribe to the Pro or Super User subscription to view them.

6Day Charts are only available those on the Super User subscription. 

Thursday & Nvidia Feb 23, 2:40am GMT

 The everyday business of making money which is the base purpose of trading financial markets certainly got even easier as Nvidia released its results and sent the major indices into orbit. Notably the small cap Russell 2000 index managed an up day but barely. Today’s boost pushed our DAX long trade to $8250 from Tuesday evening’s T.03+ Buy signal for execution on Wednesday. Other trades for Wednesday included T.03+ Buys in S&P and Crude Oil and a T.03 Buy in NASDAQ for $6750 to add to ~ $3800 from S&P. Short Coffee and Gold made contributions also. Dow which is correlated with the other equity markets was impressive with +.$1800.

Bitcoin Futures closed at + $45600 on its long Algo #1 trade with Ether closing Thursday at + $34700. Algos rule!!

DC Time Cycles Feb 21, 1:24am GMT


One from the low and the other from the high before the high. Good stuff.

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