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2017 Christmas Special

From Frank DB Today Jan 20, 2:59am GMT


frank (Subscriber)
US equities are entering a very important inflection point. We are ticks away from the 3rd standard deviation on the long term DC regression channel on all time frames and we are entering 2 separate 59 topping cycles in the last 2 DC weeks of January. On top of that the last 2 weeks of this month on the 6 day chart are 59 periods away from the 59 death cycle on our 24 day chart for May 2021. If we get a high here it will confirm again that the death cycle for 2021 is a very solid and dangerous warning for global equities. The next 2 weeks are going to reveal a ton of clues for the DC.
Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 19, 7:42am GMT

 US markets will be closed on Monday to observe the Martin Luther King Day Holiday. There will be no T.03 or PLUS signals for Monday and as we require a full day of trading after a market holiday to reset the charts the next T.03 and PLUS signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Some markets will trade electronically for a few hours in the morning. Forex and 6S signals will trade as normal although volume will be light.

War Drama Jan 09, 4:25am GMT

 Wednesday 01/08 saw lots of drama as markets started with a screaming fit about "War Drama" only to reverse the losses and then some on Trump's "All's Well". If you think emotions and fear and greed rule markets and that panic is seen in these massive outside bars take a look at the DC Members Chart of US T-Bonds: The emotional high for Wedmesday was 159^19 against the DC Blue line at 159^20 and the collapsing low on a big range outside bar closed at 156^09 against the DC Red retracement of 156^10. One single tic variance against the DC numbers at both the daily high and the low. And Crude Oil made its emotional high at 65.65 against the DC Blue line at 65.60. S&P EMini made its low at 3181.00 against the DC retracement at 3177.75 and its daily high at 3267.75 against the  DC Blue line at 3268.5 for just two tics variance and closed at 3259.75 against another DC Blue line at 3260.75 again just two tics variance. The same for Copper with its daily low at 276.30 against the DC Blue line at 276.25. Russell making its daily low at 1627.3 against its DC Blue line at 1628.9 Soybeans, Sugar and Silver all turning at their DC numbers as they always do.

And you think some part of this is random?

The Outlook For 2020/21 Jan 03, 12:34am GMT

 Our 4th Seal guru Frank DB from Belgium has written his outlook for 2020/21 where he sets out the big picture DC Time signals and prognosticates on what we can look forward to in the major Equity inices for the next two years. This is fascinating stuff and vital readiing for all investors. You can read Frank's new article at . If you enjoy Frank's article you can follow his work on his weekly charts and commentary. Frank covers the S&P, Gold and Crude OIl for the Danielcode using our 4th Seal methods to highlight Price but more importantly Time. 

Welcome to 2020 Jan 02, 12:48am GMT

 Welcome to the first day of trading in 2020 and best wishes for a prosperous new year.

We have refined our coverage of the 6S markets as some are correlated, see the post in Forum for more information.

We have a new article from our 4th Seal guru Frank DB from Belgium which is being forwarded to you today. Frank and his then fiance An, now his wife and mother of their two beautiful children, came to a DC Tutorial in Taupo, New Zealand way back in 2010 with the bold proclamation that he had never seen a Futures or finance market chart! That of course was a good thing as we didn't have to get rid of all those pesky ideas that most traders pick up before they seek the Danielcode, so see what mastery of markets and particularly TIME that Frank now has. His occasional offerings are greatly appreciated.

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