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Thanksgiving 2019 Nov 25, 2:17am GMT

 Thanksgiving falls on Thursday 11/28 this year. Markets are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and some close early on the Friday which makes this a short week. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday there will be no DC trade signals for Thursday or Friday this week and the next day for signals after the holiday will be on Monday 12/01 evening for signals to be traded on 12/02. Forex will trade as normal. 6S traders should get flat on Wednesday PM.

2019 DC Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA Tutorial Nov 18, 1:39am GMT

Back at the office after last week's DC Gold Coast Tutorial. We had a great team of guys who had previously done the DC Video Tutorial course and a couple of new members. So it was a great pleasure to put faces to the names and welcome our new Members as well. It was a real pleasure to see the looks on the faces of our stalwarts as I taught them the DC long term and short term techniques. I saw the smiles growing as the possibilities of these new trading opportunities dawned on them.

As usual the DC is different things to different people. Neil H has always had a leaning towards long term trading and he was positively joyous as he learned how the DC long term trading has already delivered about $35K on one S&P EMini contract this year to date.

John L who is already a very good trader and told me last month that his DC trading was already so good that he could stop his existing business if he wanted to was absolutely enthused at both the new short term and longer term trading methods. Given the world's time zones, US market hours fall in the night for NZ and Oz but as we canvassed the amazing returns from out new short term/day trading methodology you could see these staid and well established folks warming to the idea of staying up all night to harvest the incredible returns.

Some of the wives attended our meet and greet on the Wednesday evening and the group dinner which was a banquet at the famous Chiangmai Thai at Surfers Paradise, and on my reading the week was a great success.

Our Sub-Penthouse at Carmel by the Sea which is literally right by the Pacific Ocean worked particularly well as both an entertaining and teaching venue. Going to the next level as our existing DC Members were doing at this event may seem challenging but I think consensus was that the rewards were huge. Don't miss the next Advanced DC Tutorial. It is well worth the effort!

T.03, PLUS and 6S Signals Nov 11, 4:12am GMT

 Another good trading week with the various DC signals combining for ~+ $4500 in Gold at Friday's close, $3100 in Coffee, a great countertrend trade in Palladium for $4300 on Friday alone and ~ $4100 in US T-Bonds. Take the 14 day free trial to look at the 6S signals. They may be what you are looking for. Add in a couple of nice Forex trades in what is at present a subdued market and we ended the week on a high note. Nice enough!

This week I am running the Gold Coast Tutorial at beautiful Broadbeach so Members Chart will be updated on Wednesday instead of our usual time. Terry is airborne fron Detroit to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia for a bunch of hours so don't expect prompt responses to your queries but we'll be peddling hard as soon as our feet get back under the desks.

Last Thursday at our "Equities-Does Divergence Matter?" webinar I set out the real defense of Trump's adventures with Ukraine while being scathing that nobody had yet realised what his proper defense was. Someone got the message as today Rand Paul is barking at least part of what I advised. Good work whoever got the message.

Same Again Nov 06, 12:14am GMT

UPDATE 2: From Tim Birch who runs data, programming etc at TN "John, we have had to transition to a new feed as of the end of last week, and are now having to manually run a lot of the processes that used to be automated (tied to the old feed), until we can re-automate them with the new feed.  I'd like to say we can have all these things sped up by tomorrow (so we wouldn't have to keep staying late ourselves!), but that would be too optimistic.  Let's hope that by sometime next week we can get all the kinks worked out and get things running like they were!" Appreciate your prompt response Tim.

UPDATE: There is no data for DX on Tuesday in TN EOD download. Will advise if TN add it later otherwise you will need to do another download for Tuesday before downloading Wednesday;s data tomorrow.

 EOD data fron TN is again delayed with usual consequence. Will try to get some sensible answes about this continuing issue.

Signals for 11/05 Nov 05, 12:15am GMT

 EOD data from Trade Navigator is again delayed. Signals will be delayed accordingly.

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