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Danielcode Algos
Updated Jun. 22
Updated Jun. 22
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What is the Danielcode?

Danielcode is a unique and totally different way of market analysis and trade signal creation. We start with the assumption that Time is the dominant force in markets and we maintain that Time and Price are the same thing on different axis. Accordingly we start with a basic measurement of Time which is the synodic month of 29.6 days and we know that Time progresses as Time, Times and a Half or put more simply Time cycles repeat, expand and halve. This creates the Danielcode Price levels which you see on our Members Charts published usually twice weekly but more often if required which occurs when enhanced volatility sweeps the chats.

We create Members Charts for nine prominent Forex markets and eleven Futures markets and cover Equities, Bonds, Grains and Softs in addition to Forex.

It follows that Danielcode marks of support and resistance are different to any levels you may see with traditional analysis which is Fibonacci ratios, old highs and lows and contrived hangovers from stocks trading like 50 day moving average etc. These are at best approximations but at Danielcode our Price levels are wholly unique and unlike anything you have seen before.

In creating our Price levels we simply take the Danielcode Time ratios and express them as Price levels without any adjustment. What we are doing is taking levels usually expressed as a vertical level and posting them as horizontal Price levels. And these are not approximates. Indeed they are individually and collectively Targets. As markets progress we observe how they react at each of these Danielcode Price Targets. They will either ignore these levels or find Target Recognition. Achieving Target Recognition is a very precise matter. On the daily bars we require the market to find its Danielcode target at its high, low or close with an accuracy of less than 0.1%. Not 1%, zero point zero one percent! And that is tough for markets to do.

When markets first make a turn the Danielcode targets are few and far between, As the new trend continues some countertrends create new targets so at times the chart can look congested with a large number of targets. But be assured the market will find its precise target recognition. Sometimes markets will find target recognition on almost every bar but usually we get target recognition at least every third bar and this is the markets way of talking to you. Markets have always been trying to talk to you but until the Danielcode we did not have the language to understand them. Now we do. Target recognition does not of itself guarantee a turn but we can say that markets will not turn without prior target recognition making this phenomenon the most important final filter for any trade.

At important points Danielcode signals will be different to all other.

Now take a look at the Chart Archives tab above where there are more than 40,000 Members Charts that I have created since Danielcode went public in late 2007. You will be hard pressed to find any market that has ever turned without target recognition. QED.

John Needham

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